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ADB’s Forestry Policy was approved in March 1995 as the policy framework to guide the Bank’s investments in the sector. The policy provides for -

  1. protection of the forests’ soil, water, and biodiversity, which are vital to present and future generations;

  2. production of renewable resources and harvesting in a sustainable manner and

  3. the participation of local communities and NGOs in policy formulation and implementation.


However, for the last two years, the Asian Development Bank has been conducting discussions in secret about its proposed new forest policy. No details about the Bank’s discussions are available to the public. The most recent draft of the proposed forest policy which is available to the public is dated June 2003. The ADB’s Board rejected this version in July 2003.

A review of the Forestry Policy cites the need to harmonize the Forestry Policy with ADB’s new overarching goal of the Poverty Reduction Strategy. The review process involves the following –

  1. Regional Study on Forest Policy and Institutional Reforms- technical assistance approved in 1999 to assess the 1995 policy to identify investment priorities, reflecting developments in the sector and needs of DMC-members;

  2. Project Team of national and international consultants and experts;

  3. Outputs that include ADB Portfolio and 1995 Policy assessment report, Regional Assessment of Forestry Sector, Four country case studies (Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka);

  4. Regional Consultations in February 2002; 5) Draft Sector Strategic Framework and Revised Forestry Policy.

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