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Sustainable Urban Development Investment Program

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Sustainable Urban Development Investment Program




Asian Development Fund

$ 48.64 million



Approved in September 2007, the $30.6-million project intends to rehabilitate the much-dilapidated Soviet-era roads totaling about 222.8 km consisting of 24 different road links in the regions of Gagharkunik, Ararat, Kotayk, and Armavir; of which, 76.5-km long is located in Gegharkunik and another 3-km segment is connected to Astghadzor community.


Implemented by the Ministry of Transport and Communication, the project also includes the development of an improved transport sector management system and the establishment of a road asset management system to enhance the institutional capacity of the government.


Civil society organizations alleged the ADB and the government “have made less public consultation” pointing out local communities were not involved in the discussion of the project. Villagers have been sidelined from the beginning of the construction of the road.


As a result of NGO engagement, villagers sent a letter to the ADB complaining about the lack of public participation and poor design of the project. In response, ADB management expressed the intention to resolve the problem by undertaking the following steps :

  • Review and revision (if necessary) of the project design to ensure that flooding, which may be caused by the project, will be avoided;

  • Improvement of communication by the Armenian Roads Directorate with local villagers and head of the local government;

  • Revision of design with the agreement by local residents;

  • The inclusion of safety barriers to prevent cars from crashing into residential plots in the revised design; and;

  • Establishment of safety nets for the government.


The Government shall attest to the project’s completion. After this, the contractor will assume liability for any defects for 12 months. After such a period, the Government will monitor if the contractor has remedied all defects; such will also be monitored by the ADB.

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