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Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project

Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Proje


Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project




Asian Development Fund

$ 36.00 million



The Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project intends to improve the water supply system, sewerage, and sanitation facilities in 16 towns or about 125 villages in Armenia. The ADB projected that it will bring improvement in public health and the environment for 576,000 people (approximately).


Implemented by the State Commission on Water Systems, the $36-million loan project includes rehabilitation and replacement of the deteriorated water supply infrastructure by reducing leakage; improving water supply pressure; and construction of new main pipes for new consumers, particularly poorly served low-income communities.


It also addresses sanitation requirements in the subproject towns and villages, cleans existing sewers, and replaces damaged ones.



  1. The poor project design has resulted in breakdowns of pipes and poor quality of water supply.

  2. The exclusion of selected findings from the project monitoring report has also led to the exclusion of a number of Landjazat residents from the project and left them without connection to the main water pipe.

  3. The Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment (AWHHE) has been monitoring the project in several villages. With its intervention and role as mediator (facilitator), the group helped monitor the quality of water supply and identify water leakages.

  4. With the successful intervention by AWHHE in the project implementation stage, the ADB improved the project design.​

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