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Azerbaijan: East-West Highway Improvement Project is a priority project of the government between (2005-2014), it was under the transport development program.

According to the Report and Recommendation of the President (RRP), the Project will facilitate socio-economic development by improving the east-west highway and local roads linking the western part of Azerbaijan closely to Baku, the country’s capital; and increasing local communities’ access to markets, job opportunities, and social services. The Project will also strengthen Azerbaijan’s transport links to Georgia and thus promote regional cooperation.

As part of the Asian highway network and one of Azerbaijan’s main routes for external trade, the east-west highway carries traffic between the Caspian and Black seas and has the potential to become an important route for transit transport between Asia and Europe.

The Project is included in ADB’s assistance program for 2005.


There are approximately 702,300 people who are living in the six districts–Yevlakh, Goranboy, Khanlar, Ganja, Qazax, and Aghstafa which is the Project area.  There are also six (6) villages that are situated along the road in Yevlakh-Ganja road section; Nemetabad, Aran, Semedabad Gorabli, Borsonlu, and Dalimamedly.

Most of the highways in Azerbaijan are now rehabilitated and constructed, in return families are displaced.  The most affected are the settlements along the Yevlakh – Ganja road section of the highway.


There are private properties like plot areas, houses, the property of hundreds of citizens in Nemetabad village of Yevlakh, Aran settlement, Borsunlu village of Goranboy, Goran settlement and Dalimammadly city along the highway are being surveyed for resettlement. The owners of these properties have not been given information about the details and design of the project. They have not agreed to be resettled to another location.

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