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এশিয়ান ডেভেলপমেন্ট ব্যাংক (এডিবি)

প্রজেক্ট মনিটরিং


Amidst news of Malampaya Deep Water Gas-to-Power Project’s declining supply and nearing depletion and the thede-rating of the Ilijan Combined-Cycle GasTurbine Plant which is partly to blame for therecent Luzon Grid red alert, the Departmentof Energy and members of Congress are positioning fossil gas as the new preferred fuel.The Philippine Energy Plan 2018-2040 andpending legislations at the Senate and HouseEnergy Committees envision a “world-class,investment-driven and efficient” fossil gasmidstream and downstream industries thatwould develop the country as the LNG tradingand trans-shipment hub of Asia-Pacific. This vision comes at the cost of energy security, equity, and sustainability.


CEED recommends thefollowing measures to minimize the tradeoffsof gas’ energy trilemma:This report seeks to provide an overview ofthe Philippine fossil gas landscape today, andtakes stock of proposed policies, laws, andplans for the upstream, midstream, and downstream fossil gas industries and their implications to energy security, power rates, criticalecological areas, and climate goals

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