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AIIB Under Fire: Damning Complaint Unveils Shocking Transgressions in Bhola IPP Project

The NGO Forum on ADB, in collaboration with CLEAN, has filed a serious complaint against the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) regarding the Bhola IPP project. The complaint reveals a disturbing lack of transparency, allegations of coercion, environmental devastation, and a failure of authorities to address these issues.

Key concerns raised in the complaint include:

  1. Lack of Transparency and Consultation: AIIB and NBBL have been criticized for not disclosing essential project information promptly. Poor document translation further hinders community understanding. Consultation reports have been treated with disregard, casting doubt on the integrity of the process.

  2. Coercion, Fraud, and Intimidation: Middlemen appointed for land acquisition are accused of coercion, fraud, and intimidation. Hindu communities reportedly fear retaliation for voicing concerns. Land acquisition processes violate Bangladesh's laws, and the local grievance redress mechanism (GRM) is ineffective.

  3. Environmental Impact and Livelihood Loss: The project has caused severe environmental damage, including siltation of the riverbed due to sand waste disposal, affecting local communities and agriculture. Betel leaf farms, grazing lands, and traditional livelihoods have been severely impacted. Discharge of effluents has rendered communities uninhabitable.

The complaint calls for an immediate and comprehensive investigation, as previous efforts to address these concerns with NBBL and AIIB have been met with indifference and inaction. The affected communities deserve justice, transparency, and accountability in the face of the project's negative impacts. It emphasizes the urgent need for AIIB to take action to rectify these grave wrongs and restore justice for the affected communities.

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