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The 'Ripple Effect' Watercolor Exhibition seeks to illuminate the intricate connections between environmental degradation, social injustice, and human rights violations stemming from the Asian Development Bank's (ADB) projects. This significant exhibition, scheduled from May 1-5, 2024, in Tbilisi, Georgia, serves as a platform for impacted communities to voice their concerns and convey a potent message using the evocative medium of watercolor.


The exhibition's core theme delves into the far-reaching consequences of ADB-funded destructive projects on global social and ecosystems. Artists will utilize watercolor as a poignant medium, capturing the innate beauty of water juxtaposed with the challenges and destruction wrought by ADB initiatives. Furthermore, these watercolor paintings will undergo digital reproduction to extend their reach via social media platforms.

Ripple Effect Poster Final.png

Unveiling ADB's Ecological & Human Rights Violations through Watercolor Narratives

Ripple Effect Exhibition
RippleFX Art
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