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  • Project Brief | NGO Forum on ADB

    Лоиҳа мухтасар ЗАХИРАХО Соатҳои бонкӣ | Ҳисоботи солона | Нашрияҳои махсус | Китобҳои роҳнамо Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded Mahaweli Water Security Investment Program Download Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded Rupsha 800-Megawatt Combined Cycle Power Plant Project See more Fast facts on ADB’s dubious energy investments Read More Supplemental notes to the CHM submission Read More Concerns and suggestions on AIIB’s Accountability Mechanism Read More Critique of AIIB Energy Strategy: Sustainable Energy for Asia Issues Note for discussion Read More The Assam Integrated Flood and Riverbank Erosion Management Project (India) Read More The Sipat Super Thermal Power Project (India) Read More The Visayas Base-Load Power Development Project (Philippines) Read More The Southwest Area Integrated Water Resources Planning Management Project (Bangladesh) Read More The Masalli-Astara Highway Project (Azerbaijan) Read More Pakistan: Lessons from Korangi ‘Inspection’ Case Read More ADB’s Inspection Function under Review Read More ◄ 1 / 1 ► Please reload

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