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NGO Forum on ADB’s Critique of the ADB’s 2021 Energy Policy Working Paper

On behalf of the NGO Forum on the ADB -- a broad membership-based network of civil society groups and alliances directly in communication with communities affected by ADB projects and investments across the region -- we write to acknowledge and input commentary on the revised “Energy Policy Working Paper”, as published by ADB’s Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department (SDCC) on 16th August 2021.

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Civil Society Groups Across Asia demand the ADB recalibrate its Draft Energy Policy

The ADB Energy Working Paper has been hastily rushed to the Board of Directors for approval with only a two week window for public review and input (August 16th – 31st), meaning non-English speaking communities with little or no access to the internet — the very people who are impacted by the ADB’s projects — are effectively excluded from opportunities to give any meaningful comments on the draft.

NGO Forum on ADB Joint Reflections on the ADB Draft

Energy Policy

In August 2020, the ADB's Independent Evaluation Department (IED) published a sector-wide evaluation on the Bank's energy financing portfolio and policy over the past decade (2009-2019). Over that time, the IED indicated that 42.5 billion USD was allocated by the ADB to the sector (second only in volume to that of transport), 50% of which was targeted towards four countries alone (India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Bangladesh), and increasingly concentrated in the private sector.