CSOs around the world asks for space during the 5th AIIB Annual Meeting

We are writing to you on behalf of civil society groups and project-affected peoples in the time of this global pandemic to raise some key issues of concern.  As this letter is being written civil society and journalists in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Mongolia among many others are being persecuted, silenced, or incarcerated for speaking the truth and reporting state obligation failures surrounding COVID19 responses


Demanding Universal Health Care and Social Protection

The dire economic and social crisis we are now in is the consequence of decades of neoliberal austerity policies, with lack of investment in economic and social infrastructure, lack of investment in policies for families, employment, pensions, health and care systems.

Our failing democracies do not help to solve this crisis, on the contrary, our governments tend to become more repressive and authoritarian.


Asia Teetering at the Edge: The Banks, BRI and Recovery Loans

The public outcry echoing around the world from panic-stricken hospitals of Italy, New York, Philippines, Bangladesh, were all the same. Doctors and frontline workers were ill-equipped and getting infected and dying of COVID-19. Scores and scores of people frantically rushed towards their nearest health care centers, looking for treatment, fearing infection, and carrying symptoms. Media reports across Asia mention how doctors and hospitals were at maximum capacity and were forced to refuse incoming patients due to lack of resources, beds and protective gears.

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