Executive Director

Rayyan Hassan is a Bangladeshi national and the current executive director of the NGO Forum on ADB. He has a background in environmental studies (NSU, Dhaka, Bangladesh), and a Masters in Social Change and Development (UOW, Australia). He is currently pursuing a doctorate in Political Science at the University of the Philippines in Diliman as he oversees the Forum network and its campaigns.  As a civil society advocate he regularly engages policymakers at the ADB and AIIB and their major shareholders; bringing community issues to the forefront of the development debate. Through the support and guidance of the Forum International Committee, he continues to forge new alliances and implements campaigns with civil society groups at local, regional and global platforms.  His work in the Forum remains steadfast in underscoring the importance of environmental and social justice and holding IFIs accountable.


Rayyan can be reached at rayyan@forum-adb.org.


Policy Advocacy Coordinator for AIIB

Annabel S. Perreras advocates on issues of IFIs' accountability, human rights, and community support. She has professional experience and competencies in policy advocacy and program management. Currently, she is the Policy Advocacy Coordinator for AIIB. Before joining the Forum she was a recipient of the Emerging Global Leaders Initiative Atlas Corps Fellowship where she was based at the International Accountability Project (IAP) in Washington, D.C. for a year. As the Policy Coordinator at IAP, she was able to contribute to the flagship program of the Early Warning System aimed at providing community support and project information to potentially affected communities before Board approval.


Previously, Ann was also the Policy Officer of the Forum for two years. As the Policy Officer, Ann had the opportunity to work with its partner local CSOs in filing complaints in ADB’s Accountability Mechanism and be involved in the safeguards evaluation process of the Bank. Before her advocacy work at the Forum, her interest in local governance led her to join the Leagues of Cities of the Philippines (LCP) for three years as a Junior Program Officer. As the Junior Program Officer, she was able to handle projects on improving the state of maternal health in the country, making cities resilient and competitive among others. She has a bachelor's degree in Political Science and a diploma in Urban and Regional Planning.​  To read Ann's work, you can visit her Medium account here.


You may reach her at ann.perreras@forum-adb.org.


Program Coordinator for Communications

Jen worked as a university professor for more than 15 years.  Polytechnic University of the Philippines, San Sebastian College-Recoletos, College of Divine Wisdom, Adamson University, Angelicum College, and the College of Holy Spirit are among the educational institutions that she had the opportunity to be involved with.


Her first exposure to development work was with Philippine Misereor Partnership Inc. based in Manila, Philippines.


She has a degree in broadcast communication from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and has a master's degree in Communication, as well as Media Culture from Maastricht University, the Netherlands.  She is currently concluding her graduate degree in Cultural Anthropology from KU Leuven, Belgium.


She loves her coffee lukewarm, has a dog named Penny and Boris and loves to travel whenever possible. Trying to elevate small talk to medium talk as much as she can.  To see her portfolio please click here.


You can reach her at jen@forum-adb.org.


Administrative and Finance Coordinator

Charity or Lala joined Forum in July 2003. She has almost twenty years of experience in social development work. Lala was part of GABRIELA, an umbrella organization of women’s groups from different sectors, from 1991 to 1993. She worked with Kanlungan Center Foundation, Inc., a migrant crisis center, from 1993 to 2000. Lala also had a brief stint with the Philippine Rural and Reconstruction Movement (PRRM).


Lala can be contacted at lcantillo@forum-adb.org.


Admin and Finance Officer

You may reach Patty at patty@forum-adb.org.


Office Maintenance Staff

Before joining Forum in April 2008, Heidy Nicolas was with the ISIS International for five years. She also worked for the National Irrigation Administration in the province of Isabela as a radio communication operator. Earlier in her career, Heidy worked as a food service supervisor/dietician for a number of catering services in Saudi Arabia where she was assigned in hospitals.

You may reach Heidy at jack@forum-adb.org.


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The NGO Forum on ADB is a network of civil society organizations (CSOs) that has been monitoring the projects, programs, and policies of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). 


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