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Executive Director

Rayyan Hassan, a Bangladeshi national, currently serves as the Executive Director of the NGO Forum on ADB. His academic foundation includes environmental studies at NSU in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and a Master's in Social Change and Development from UOW in Australia. Concurrently, he is pursuing a doctorate in Political Science at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, all while overseeing the Forum network and its impactful campaigns.

As a civil society advocate, Rayyan Hassan consistently engages with policymakers at the ADB and AIIB, along with their major shareholders, elevating community issues in the development discourse. By actively participating in forums and discussions, he ensures that the concerns of local communities are prominently featured in the broader development narrative.

Rayyan collaborates closely with the Forum International Committee, building alliances and implementing campaigns with civil society groups on local, regional, and global platforms. His steadfast commitment revolves around emphasizing environmental and social justice and holding International Financial Institutions (IFIs) accountable for their actions.

For further communication, Rayyan Hassan can be reached at rayyan [at]



Deputy Director for Communications and Operations

Jen brings over 15 years of experience as a university professor, having contributed her expertise to various esteemed institutions such as Polytechnic University of the Philippines, San Sebastian College-Recoletos, College of Divine Wisdom, Adamson University, Angelicum College, and the College of Holy Spirit.

Her journey into development work commenced with the Philippine Misereor Partnership Inc., based in Manila, Philippines, where she gained valuable insights into the field.

Equipped with a degree in broadcast communication from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Jen furthered her academic pursuits by earning a master's degree in Communication and Media Culture from Maastricht University, the Netherlands. Currently, she is concluding her graduate studies in Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies at KU Leuven, Belgium.

Her rich academic background and extensive experience underscore her commitment to continuous learning and contributing to communication, media, and development studies.

For a detailed look at her portfolio, please click here.

Should you wish to connect with Jen, you can reach her at jen [at]



Energy Campaigns Strategist

Together with Forum members and allies, Tanya works to shift ADB and AIIB energy policy and finance priorities away from large-scale, resource-intensive, fossil-fuel-reliant options.  For several years, she has been part of community groups, NGOs, and social movements demanding accountability from financial institutions and transnational corporations for the damage and injustice wrought on local communities and ecosystems.


In the past, she has also worked with the Forum's members and secretariat team to review the ADB's energy portfolio, write policy briefings, and contribute to advocacy efforts at the ADB headquarters in Manila.

Tanya completed an undergraduate degree in feminist studies and the politics of globalization in Canada, an MA in International Human Rights Law at the United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica, and an LLM in Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights at the University of Essex School of Law in the UK.

You can reach her at tanya [at]

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Project Data Analyst

Annabel is a Filipino national and was a Smitu Kothari Fellow at International Accountability Project. Prior to the program, Ann has been involved with the NGO Forum on ADB in different capacities working on IFI issues of transparency, accountability and social justice. She has professional experience and competencies in policy advocacy and program management. Ann had the opportunity to work with its partner local CSOs seeking redress in ADB’s Accountability Mechanism and be involved in the safeguards evaluation process of the Bank.

Before her advocacy work at the Forum, her interest to local governance led her to join the Leagues of Cities of the Philippines (LCP) as the Junior Program Officer. Her role helped her handle projects on improving the state of maternal health in the country, making cities resilient and competitive among others. Ann has a background on political science and a Diploma on Urban and Regional Planning. She is also currently undertaking her Juris Doctor degree. 

You can reach her at ann.perreras [at]



Media Communication and Support Liaison Officer

Dennis has experience in radio, print, events, and marketing. A communication major graduate from College of Divine Wisdom, before Forum, he was the Managing Editor of Remate News Online, where he spearheaded the reorganization and upgrade of the online news department. He is also vital in the re-branding of the online news department.  He also assisted in the launching of the digital news department of RMN News Online.

Denn was the former National Executive Director of Voice of the Youth, a youth organization that promotes positive social change by informing, inspiring, involving, and empowering the youths.

Denn is also an experienced radio broadcaster for different youth radio programs on DZXL RMN, DZIQ, DWDD, and Brigada News FM.  He is also a motivational speaker specializing in public speaking, radio broadcasting, and personal branding for his side hustle.


You can reach him at dennis [at]

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Administrative and Finance Coordinator

Charity, also known as Lala, has been an integral part of the Forum since July 2003, bringing nearly two decades of experience in social development work. In her early career, Lala played a significant role in GABRIELA, an umbrella organization uniting women's groups across various sectors, from 1991 to 1993. Subsequently, she contributed her skills and dedication to the Kanlungan Center Foundation, Inc., a migrant crisis center, from 1993 to 2000. Lala also gained valuable experience during a brief tenure with the Philippine Rural and Reconstruction Movement (PRRM).

Her extensive background in social development positions Lala as a seasoned professional with a nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the field. Lala's commitment to social development and her diverse experience make her a valuable asset to the Forum. 


For any inquiries or further communication, you can reach her at lcantillo [at]

Patty Rodulfa_edited.jpg


Admin and Finance Officer

Patricia Rodulfa Simon has been a dedicated member of the Forum for the past eight years. A graduate with a degree in BS Accountancy, Patricia holds the crucial role of Admin and Finance Officer within the network.

Beyond her professional responsibilities, Patricia enjoys reading, actively volunteering, and harboring a keen interest in computer and technological matters.  Her combination of financial expertise and multifaceted interests contributes to the dynamic fabric of the Forum.

For any communication or inquiries, please contact Patty at patty [at]

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