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Asian People's Call

NGO Forum on ADB has been monitoring the bank since 1992 have witnessed the wake of mass poverty, unemployment, loss of livelihood, social unrest, and human rights violations brought by ADB funded programs and projects—pushed by private capital to control previously owned public domains. Several projects that have been deemed unsuccessful are the 10-year plight of the Khmer people on the Railway Rehabilitation Project t spanning 335 km displacing at least 4164 families.  The Tata Mundra Coal Plant project that has poor project management resulting in poor resettlement site and unfair compensation for the affected communities,  the latest  Marcopper Mining Disaster, which caused the disappearance of one crab species called ‘Bagtuk’, and the Nam Theun 2 Dam that has caused landlessness and drainage problem in Bangladesh.

As the 50 year anniversary of Asian Development Bank (ADB) approaches, a network of NGO’s and CSO’s have launched a campaign challenging the bank's immunity, asking the question is it worth it?
The CSO’s led by NGO Forum on ADB deemed that this is the right moment to question and probe on the unequal legal privilege of IMMUNITY has allowed the ADB, to act with impunity against the environment, human rights, and self-determined development. The rule of law must also apply to a multilateral development bank if there is the need to fulfill the demands of human rights and sustainable development.
Alongside this call is the encouragement of the CSO’s for organizations, communities, and individuals to make a difference by giving documents that will serve as proof or evidence to these 50 years of destruction.

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