AIIB’s Investments Today Undermine Our Tomorrow: Press Conference


The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank 6th Annual Meeting is scheduled for 26-28 October 2021 in the United Arab Emirates with the theme “Investing Today, Transforming Tomorrow.”

As a network of allied civil society groups and social movements spanning Asia, Europe, and the Americas that have been closely monitoring the AIIB since its inception, in considering the annual meeting theme, “Investing Today, Transforming Tomorrow,” we ask the simple question – transformation to what end, for whom and in whose interests? It is in this regard that the press conference we propose would be timed to take place to coincide with the President’s scheduled media briefing and the official launching of the program, in order to provide a counter-spin to the AIIB’s “Infrastructure for Tomorrow” (i4t) from the outset.
The AIIB has not provided meaningful space for civil society and affected communities to bring policy and project-related concerns to this year’s annual meeting. To this end, civil society groups want to share their ground realities around AIIB operations with the wider press community.