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The 'Ripple Effect' Watercolor Exhibition seeks to illuminate the intricate connections between environmental degradation, social injustice, and human rights violations stemming from the Asian Development Bank's (ADB) projects. This significant exhibition, scheduled from May 1-5, 2024, in Tbilisi, Georgia, serves as a platform for impacted communities to voice their concerns and convey a potent message using the evocative medium of watercolor.


The exhibition's core theme delves into the far-reaching consequences of ADB-funded destructive projects on global social and ecosystems. Artists will utilize watercolor as a poignant medium, capturing the innate beauty of water juxtaposed with the challenges and destruction wrought by ADB initiatives. Furthermore, these watercolor paintings will undergo digital reproduction to extend their reach via social media platforms.

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Unveiling ADB's Ecological & Human Rights Violations through Watercolor Narratives

This exhibition is presented by the NGO Forum on ADB in collaboration with the
Coalition for Human Rights in Development, CEE Bankwatch, and Green Alternative,
with support from the Heinrich Böll Stiftung Southeast Asia.



A young visual artist from Bangladesh is currently pursuing her studies in the Fine Arts with a specialization in painting. Alongside her academic pursuits, she has passionately engaged in various social movements over the past seven years, advocating for causes such as anti-corruption, road safety, anti-rape, abolition of the Digital Security Act, and the protection of trees on Satmasjid Road, among others. Presently she holds a role as a member in the film and fine arts department of  Bangladesh Udichi Shilpogosthi (central  parliament).



A 2020 PARI Fellow and self-taught painter from West Bengal's Nadia district, explores the intersection of art and social issues. Currently pursuing a PhD on labor migrations at the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata, her work reflects a deep engagement with human experiences and societal dynamics.

* Art pieces are digitized by Karl Isaac Santos from the Philippines.

Ripple Effect Exhibition
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