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AIIB's Response: 'AIIB’s Call for Public Input on the Energy Sector Strategy Update'

Dear Secretariat of NGO Forum on ADB and everyone:

Thank you for your letter to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and for your comments on the public consultation on AIIB’s Energy Sector Strategy Update.

AIIB strongly values public consultation as an integral process in updating its Energy Sector Strategy and as an important opportunity to hear feedback and suggestions from a wide range of stakeholders, including CSOs and NGOs.

The public consultation of AIIB’s Energy Sector Strategy Update follows established practices and intends to be transparent, inclusive, and accountable. The consultation is also designed to ensure integrity by requesting for identifiable source of comments.

AIIB commits to collate and duly consider all comments received during the public consultation and a summary of comments will be made publicly available.

We sincerely encourage you to take full advantage of the consultation by submitting written comments and expressing your specific concerns on the draft strategy to In addition, we will be holding two online sessions for CSOs in different time zones as platforms for you to directly communicate your comments and suggestions to the AIIB energy strategy team. Invitations with registration links will be distributed soon.

We look forward to receiving your further feedback and suggestions on the draft of updated Energy Sector Strategy.

Best regards,

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank


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